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Network Cabling by AccuTech Communications: Your Trusted Partner for Business Communications Solutions

AccuTech Communication has been a beacon of excellence in the business communications sector since 1993, serving companies across Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. From small businesses to expansive corporate campuses, we offer comprehensive solutions in network cabling, business phone systems, and data center technologies. Our competitive pricing and unwavering commitment to quality have allowed us to build lasting relationships with clients—many of whom have trusted us for over two decades.

Our Expertise and Services

Trusted Technical Expertise

Our skilled technicians and engineers are trained to ensure that your network infrastructure is optimized for peak performance. We have nationwide access to Avaya / Nortel manufacturer support, offering you certified and reliable service that you can count on.

Comprehensive Network Cabling Solutions

AccuTech Communication offers a broad spectrum of network cabling services designed to suit various business needs, from small enterprises to large corporate campuses. Below is a comprehensive list of our offerings.

Structured Cabling Services

  1. Consultation and Design: Assisting in the planning and layout of your network cabling infrastructure.
  2. Cable Management: Efficient organization and management of cables to facilitate easy access and maintenance.
  3. Patch Panel Installation: Setting up centralized hubs for network connectivity.
  4. Rack and Cabinet Installation: Providing secure, organized housing for network equipment.

Types of Cables

  1. Cat 5e Wiring: Suitable for small-to-medium-sized networks.
  2. Cat 6 and Cat 6a Wiring: Ideal for high-performance networks and data centers.
  3. Fiber Optic Cabling: Perfect for high-speed data transfer over long distances.
  4. Coaxial Cabling: Commonly used for video and other applications.

Wireless Networking Solutions

  1. WiFi / Wireless Access Points Installation: Facilitating wireless connectivity across your facility.
  2. Wireless LAN Setup: Implementing local area network using wireless technology.

Specialized Cabling Services

  1. VoIP System Cabling: Enabling voice-over-IP services through optimized cabling.
  2. CCTV / CATV Wiring: Facilitating video surveillance and television systems.
  3. Sound Masking Cabling: Setting up infrastructure for sound masking systems.
  4. Redundancy Solutions: Installing backup cabling systems for improved reliability.

Testing and Certification

  1. Cable Testing: Ensuring all cables are fully functional and meet performance specifications.
  2. Certification Services: Verifying that your cabling system complies with industry standards.

Maintenance and Support

  1. Regular Inspection: Periodic checks to maintain the optimal condition of your network cabling system.
  2. Troubleshooting and Repair: Offering 24/7 support for any urgent repair or troubleshooting needs.
  3. Upgrade Services: Keep your system up-to-date with the latest technology.

The Importance of Quality Maintenance and Support

Investing in a reliable and responsive maintenance and support provider for your business communications infrastructure is as crucial as your initial technology investment. AccuTech’s deep technical expertise and robust support ensure your entire network is always geared for optimum performance.

Contact Us for an Estimate

Looking for a reliable, stable, and affordable partner for your business communication needs? Look no further. Call AccuTech Communication today at 978-579-0006 to request an estimate. Your network is the backbone of your business; let us help you make it stronger.

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Network Cabling by Accutech Communications
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What Our Clients Are Saying

Working with Accutech for over nine years has been a pleasure. The Accutech team is responsive, courteous and understands the medical necessity of telephony in our healthcare environment. I would recommend Accutech to any business in need of telecommunications wiring!

Amy B,

Vinfen Corporation

Accutech is a critical partner in helping us serve our patients. Their quick response time, knowledgeable staff, and cost effective service ensure reliable communications. I highly recommend Accutech.

Roger S.

Great Hill Dental Partner

I have full confidence that if you hire AccuTech, you not only will get someone that will dedicate himself to the completion of the task at hand but you will get all the precision that goes along with the package.

Stephen D. McCauley

Community Newspaper Company