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Client Testimonials

Working with Accutech for over nine years has been a pleasure. The Accutech team is responsive, courteous and understands the medical necessity of telephony in our healthcare environment. I would recommend Accutech to any business in need of telecommunications wiring!
Amy B.

Vinfen Corporation

Accutech is a critical partner in helping us serve our patients. Their quick response time, knowledgeable staff, and cost effective service ensure reliable communications. I highly recommend Accutech.
Roger S.

Great Hill Dental Partner

I am employed by a company that provides Human Services to over 300 programs. It is important to make sure that the needs of our clients needs are met in a timely manner. With this many homes to operate, and several clients living in each, there are always phone issues. Accutech has been with us for over ten years. They go above and beyond their duties to take care of us as quickly and efficiently as they can. I send them over a request, and if they can’t make it the same day, they are there first thing the next morning. Anytime I call for an emergency, they are there right away ! The technicians are outstanding; their quality of work, and their compassion to our clients and staff is truly amazing. I don’t know what I would do without them.
Joan R.

Vinfen Corp

I have been a Facility Manager at Community Newspaper Company in Boston for the last 18 years. The newspaper has about 30 locations spread around the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I first was introduced to Accutech Communications in 1995. They completed a large project for the company, consisting of over 1000 voice and data lines in a large building that was owned by Fidelity Investments. I was very impressed by the work, and the sheer volume of the project. The AccuTech team finished this project on time and under budget, which is extraordinary given the scope of the project.

Having been hired in 1995, my job was to enhance the other 29 facilities in our portfolio, I didn’t have to go far to find an A number 1 cabling firm. AccuTech had just finished the largest project that the newspaper had ever done. Over the years, we have opened and closed facilities all over the state. We have done well over a million dollars worth of business with AccuTech, and we have never had a dispute or a deadline that was missed. AccuTech’s team of technicians work tirelessly to meet all demands and believe me there are many.

I have full confidence that if you hire AccuTech, you not only will get someone that will dedicate himself to the completion of the task at hand but you will get all the precision that goes along with the package. Our communication links are one of our most important tools to reach out to our customers, I wouldn’t have another firm handle this critical function.

Stephen D. McCauley

Community Newspaper Company

Some of our Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island Clients